With an unrivalled nationwide fleet of over 1000 cranes in total we have a pool of cranes that can deliver the truly nationwide service we are so proud to offer.

Our crane can be delivered in 2 ways for your organisation

CPA Crane Hire – where you are responsible for the planning and execution

CPA Contract Lift – where we take control and responsibility for everything from initial site survey to landing your load/s safely in position


Employing organisation – The organisation requiring the load to be moved.



Hired and Managed


Fully Contracted

The employing organisation must:

• Carry out all work in accordance with BS7121
• Supply the “appointed person”
• Plan the lift and operate a safe system of work
• Ensure that the crane hired is of a suitable type and capacity
• Check the credentials of the crane hire company and certification supplied

The crane owner has a duty to:

• Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated
• Provide a competent driver


The employing organisation specifies:

• That all work is to be undertaken in accordance with BS7121
• That the contractor is to supply the “appointed person”
• What information and/or services will be provided to the contractor by the employing organisation

The contractor is responsible for:

• Supplying the “appointed person”
• Planning the lift, and operation of a safe system of work
• Organisation and control of the lifting operation

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