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Reliable Crane and Mobile Tower Hire

With over 1000 cranes in total, we have a pool of cranes that can deliver a truly nationwide service we are so proud to offer. Get in touch with the professionals at Logic Lifting & Crane Hire today for reliable mobile tower and crane hire at competitive prices. Based in Stockport, we offer our services to clients nationwide.

We can deliver our cranes to you in the following ways:

  • CPA crane hire – where you are responsible for the planning and execution

  • CPA contract lift – where we take control and responsibility for everything from initial site survey to landing your load/s safely in position

With over 10 years' experience in this line of business, we have become quite specialised in not only organising and executing these jobs but developing a national list of cranes we have access to via our highly supportive team of partners in the industry. In addition to mobile crane hire, we also specialise in HIAB hire. For further details, speak to a member of our team today. Take a look at our gallery page to get an idea of the quality service we provide, and our fleet.

Mobile Tower Crane

The widest coverage

We have the widest coverage in the UK of 3-axle, 4-axle, 5-axle, 6-axle and 7-axle self-erecting tower cranes enabling us to deliver a national service any time, any place. Take a look at our gallery page to take a look at our fleet of cranes. For further details, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Employing organisation – the organisation requiring the load to be moved

Hired Crane

Hired and managed

The employing organisation must:

  • Carry out all work in accordance with BS7121

  • Supply the 'appointed person'

  • Plan the lift and operate a safe system of work

  • Ensure that the crane hired is of a suitable type and capacity

  • Check the credentials of the crane hire company and certification supplied

The crane owner has a duty to:

  • Provide a crane that is properly maintained, tested and certificated

  • Provide a competent driver

Contract lift

Fully contracted

The employing organisation specifies:

  • That all work is to be undertaken in accordance with BS7121

  • That the contractor is to supply the appointed person

  • What information and/or services will be provided to the contractor by the employing organisation

The contractor is responsible for:

  • Supplying the appointed person

  • Planning the lift, and operation of a safe system of work

  • Organisation and control of the lifting operation

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To find out more about our crane services or affordable mobile tower crane hire in Stockport and nationwide, give us a call on

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